First dates for May 2016 TOUR.18-01-2016

We have booked our first events for May, on our way through northern Europe! We are very happy to be back at Labadoux Festival in Belgium, 5 years after we played our first show abroad there, in 2011. After Labadoux we are heading to Germany and will perform in The Wild Rover in Aachen. After that we are back for more shows in Belgium, starting in Cafe Quicky in Izegem. More Belgian dates soon! For more details go to GIGS If you'd like to be updated with more tour info, future releases, parties and such, you can sign up for our mailing list here, on our website. There is a button on the bottom right, SIGN UP FOR THE MAILING LIST. You will receive an email if there is something interesting coming up!

Happy New Year 201616-12-2015

So that's probably it for now! Not many news this year. We had a very nice year and we hope you had good year too! Thanks to all of you who came to our gigs, bought our album and had party with us! From now we are on short brake until March 2016. We're also sorting out little european tour for May 2016, initially through northern France, Belgium and Netherlands. Pretty soon we'll start to announce dates for that tour so stay in tune and check our GIGS section and Facebook page. If you think there is any place on our way we should visit and play a gig help us by sending us an email with your suggestion and contact informations to maybe we can make it! Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

the shape of folk to come16-07-2015

howye do folks? been a while as always. It's been tough few months for the band and there's some stories to tell, and as always we gonna do it in style, so just bear with us for a while. I'm just dropping by to let you's know that we've been working hard and got few new tunes to prove it. you can have a taster of it on our first small show in East Side Tavern this sunday (july 19th), so drop in, it's free. Also we have few festivals and other surprises coming up, check in again in few weeks. peace

Happy New Year 2015!18-12-2014

No news is good news! Thats usually our slogan, but this time we have some news and they are all good!!! First off all, our ONLINE SHOP is READY and what's more important - it's working! As you can see on the photo on the right is full of good stuff! Visit our SHOP section to check it out, maybe you like something. Second, we have two last gigs this year, they're both in Sweeneys Bar in Dublin. Dates are in gigs section. Come to celebrate with us New Years Eve in Sweeneys, thats the last gig for a long time, after that we are taking break till March 2015. Also, we would like to Thank You for checking on us, stopping on the streets and coming to our gigs in past 2014!!! We wish to all of You all the best in 2015!!! Please, wish us good luck for next year, we will need it!!!!

2014 grand finale12-10-2014

We have few more shows lined up for the end of 2014. First of all we're super stoked to be invited to play Transform Festival in Trondheim, Norway on 1st of November. On 14th of november we gonna support local heroes Mama Kasbah for their debut album launch in Grand Social. Finally, we gonna support Australian legends The Beards on their shows in Dublin and Belfast. just letting you know in advance so you have time to get that facial hair going. More detailed info on each gig can be found here oh, our online shop should be updated any day now, don't forget to check it out soon.


So we have few more upcoming shows just before we finish off the season and get the hell out for winter somewhere nice and warm. On September 20th we'll take part in Bluefire Festival on the Smithfield Square in Dublin. It's a free event, your participation is mandatory. We're on at 21.00! On 10th of October We'll be back to Grand Social to shake it's roof one more time alongside french HC Punk legends Tagada Jones and local heroes Jobseekers. Those who'll still be standing after the massacre will be finished off by French Friday DJ's. Don't miss out. There are few more tricks up our sleeves for 2014, keep on checking this space, more news coming up soon

'360 Hangovers' radio premiere03-05-2014

Thanx to everyone who showed up in Mercantile for an album launch, it was a proper whopper. For those who didn't.. well, you still can hear the entire Ep on on 7th of may, 7pm UK time along with rants from the bass player inbetween the songs. It probably won't be available online until we're back from the tour, unless we'll figure out the way how to deal with the post while on the road. Knowing our habits we probably won't :)

'360 Hangovers' Ep Launch and full tour dates19-04-2014

Ho Ho!! The tour dates are complete, you can check them out in the Gigs section. We're kickin' off with the show on 1st of may in Dublin's Mercantile, which will be our official album launch and send-off party. Support from our long time friends Punch Face Champions, Dangerous Beans and Zalupa will guarantee an awesome night and a free copy of a new Ep will make an 5euro entrance fee well worth it. DJ Griffo will finish off those immortals who will still be able to dance after the carnage. We're also bringing some Mutefish logo branded T-shirts and Hoodies with us on tour, all limited quantity, so get yours while they're in stock. They won't be available online until we will be back in Ireland. There's also a new Video recorded by Peter from Creamy Sonic Studios for one of the new tunes here: Also, check out the video preview for our new record: For those of you who want to follow where we are and what we're up to during our travel, like us on our facebook page, I'll try to update it as often as I can. Peace

2014 European Tour27-01-2014

Ahoy! We're in the middle of planning our May-July European tour for 2014 (see the Gigs section). This time around we're gonna hit France, Spain, Basque Country, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and possibly Lithuania and Czech Republic. If anyone can help us out with organising, please contact us on Invitations are welcome! We're also planning on recording a new 5 or 6 track demo EP which will be released on limited edition CD and will be available only on this tour for symbolic price. see ya's all on the road. Tour to eat!!!